In Grade 11, my biology class went to the human cadaver lab at the University of Guelph. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after high school yet but after that visit I knew that I wanted to learn a lot about the human body. Maybe I’d become a physiotherapist.

In my last semester of Human Kinetics at Guelph, I was trying to choose between pursuing a Masters of Professional Kinesiology and a post-grad certificate in Exercise Science. I made the decision to apply for the certificate two weeks before I would join CCBR in Florida for the Genocide Awareness Project. I had heard of CCBR in second year and had first done the Florida trip in 2014. Now in my last year, one of my friends had convinced me to apply for the trip to Florida again.

During the week on Miami campuses, I talked to many people about abortion and showed them what abortion does to children. So many people who had been pro-choice changed and walked away from our conversation pro-life. These people weren’t the only ones who left our conversation changed. God was working on me. Each conversation showed me how possible it is to make a difference for pre-born children, and that I, as an individual, can do something tangible to protect them. While I wanted to pursue a career in kinesiology for the sake of helping people, I knew there were many other people who would do the same. However, not nearly as many would be willing to stand up for the youngest boys and girls who will otherwise be killed. Before the end of the week, I’d decided to apply for a summer internship with CCBR.

During my internship in Calgary, it continued to be impressed on me how necessary this work is. People were changing their minds about abortion regularly because I was out on the streets doing activism. One person doing pro-life work can make such a difference to so many. So why shouldn’t it be me?

I decided to apply for a full-time position with CCBR because it made sense. I could have a great impact in saving the lives of children because what CCBR does is effective. Now, as Western Community Outreach Coordinator, I get to act as a multiplier. I still go out and have conversations on the streets myself, but more importantly, I get to help people who have CCBR’s training do activism projects in their communities across Western Canada. This means so many more people will see the pictures and talk about abortion. This means many more changed minds, changed hearts, and saved lives in Canada. I’m honoured to be able to play a part in it.

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