“A lady slowed and looked at the images. She said that it was terrible because it is killing a human. I saw tears in her eyes. I asked if she’d experienced abortion and she said ‘yes.’ I asked how she was and gave her a hug. I was able to offer her post-abortion healing info.”


I was talking to two young men about abortion. They were pro-choice and I brought them through the human rights argument and a bunch of other pro-life arguments. After a little while, I shared the image of a 10-week aborted baby and one of them said, “What does it look like at two weeks?” He shared with me that his girlfriend had had an abortion at two weeks. I said I was so sorry and shared with him resources for post-abortive women. He thanked me and said he was very thankful for the resources.


I was standing in front of the display when Mikayla asked for some help in her conversation with a girl named Kristen. She thought abortion was okay before the heart started to beat. At one point she asked, “Do you think women who get abortions are murderers?” I assured her I did not and that we condemn/judge the act of abortion, not the women who get them. I asked her if she knew someone who had had an abortion and she said her friend had one at two weeks from conception after sexual assault. I asked her how she was doing, and she said okay. Mikayla and I were able to show her we cared about both the woman and her pre-born child, and she thanked us for the conversation.

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