“After several very long conversations in the hot sun, I was starving hungry and went past crowds of people to get to the rest area. I was tired of conversations and tired of caring. I had to squeeze by a young woman to get through the barricades and in my periphery, she seemed sad, maybe even hurt. God prompted me to turn around and ask her what she was thinking. She was icy at first, telling me abortion was necessary in certain circumstances, like financial instability. I asked if that would be a justifiable reason to kill a child after birth and she said no, never. After further discussion on the nature of the pre-born she said she knew a pre-born child was a human worthy of equal human rights. Suddenly she started pacing and grabbing her face and told me she had to be honest with me. She had missed her cycle, stopped birth control over a month ago, and thought she was pregnant. She kept asking, ‘what do I do?’ and ‘how can I make this decision?’ I asked her how she was doing and told her there was always help for her. Then I gently asked if she could ever kill her child after birth for the reasons she was worried about. She said, ‘No, never… and so I couldn’t do it now.’ I encouraged her that even though it was going to be exceedingly difficult she was capable of doing the right thing. I told her that yes, there would be any number of people willing to take her to the abortion clinic. Yes, there would be many willing to eat ice cream with her after the procedure. But I was asking her to do what she already knew was the right thing. She said she knew now she would never abort her child because she couldn’t live with herself after. I’m praising God for her open mind and change of heart, asking Him to make her strong and praying that if she is pregnant, she will keep her baby.”


“I talked to a young man who was on the fence. He said that a while back he had seen pictures of abortion and then a friend came to him and he had changed her mind about having an abortion. She is now eight months pregnant and going to have a baby girl!”


“As a girl walked by with her friend, I overheard her saying that she saw the display last week. At the time, she thought she was pregnant, and she told her boyfriend that she could not get an abortion if she was.”

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