In the introduction of STUCK, I explain how this book and the arguments it presents are far more than an author’s name on the front cover. STUCK is a compilation of powerful arguments created by apologists who were doing pro-life work long before my time. What makes STUCK special is how it brings these resources together and adds countless hours of conversational experience—not just my street experience, but the experience of CCBR’s past and present staff members, interns, and volunteers. It is an irrefutable fact that this pro-life apologetics resource would not exist if it wasn’t for a large network, a large team of dedicated activists who took to the streets to defend the lives the pre-born. This was something I wanted to emphasize as I put STUCK together. It is difficult to do justice to what pro-life activists do every day. I felt this keenly as I sat safely at my desk, typing out the arguments my colleagues were taking to the front lines. They were doing the hard work, the most important work, and that was something I wanted readers to understand.

We wanted STUCK to be comprehensive, and we wanted it to be easy to work through—textbook style. This meant we had to add various text boxes outlining arguments that didn’t seamlessly fit into the general text. My favourite text boxes by far are the Testimony Spotlights. I wanted to emphasize that STUCK was really a team effort, shedding light on the difficult—and extremely rewarding—work that street activists do. The arguments presented in this book haven’t just been used effectively by one person, and in order to highlight this, I gathered testimonies from every current member of CCBR’s staff. I fit these testimonies into the text to illustrate the points I was presenting, and some of these testimonies have been published along with the previous blog posts.

More that just illustrating the arguments, though, these testimonies prove something important: minds can change. If you have never seen someone change from being pro-choice to being pro-life, these stories are meant to encourage you and to spur you to action. Not a single person quoted in STUCK started out confidently believing that they could have effective conversations. Not a single person headed out fearlessly, without any niggling self-doubts. But every one of them did head out, and that is what made the difference in the lives of the people that they spoke with and the children that were saved. They weren’t necessarily any stronger, braver, or smarter than you are—every one of us is capable of having these conversations, and STUCK is meant to prepare us to do just that.


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