By Meagan vande Bruinhorst

My husband, Alex, and I recently moved to a new house in Calgary. I’ve been taking our daughter in the stroller for walks and as we explored the neighbourhood, we found a really nice path that winds through tall evergreens up on a bit of a hill that allows you to look out a ways. You can see the downtown and Nose Hill Park. You can watch airplanes coming in and taking off. But you can also see the Peter Lougheed Centre.

They do abortions at Peter Lougheed. This is also the only hospital in Alberta which does abortions, which means that when you look up abortion statistics for Alberta, all of the abortions in hospital would be taking place there. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 1535 induced abortions were performed in Alberta in 2018. That’s 1535 abortions which happened within walking distance of our home in one year. Being open only on weekdays, that’s about 6 abortions each day and they’ll do abortions up to 20 weeks.

As I drive to go pick up groceries from Superstore, I drive past Peter Lougheed. And so does everyone else. Inside of me, something screams, “Do they know?! Do they know babies are being killed right THERE? Maybe even right now?!” The evil is hidden and traffic continues to stream past.

Am I supposed to keep seeing this hospital when I go for a walk? Do I have to drive past this hospital every time I go do groceries or get gas? It’s such a heart-breaking reminder.

Yes. Because until abortions stop in Canada, I need to be confronted with the reality of what’s happening, to be reminded that something very tragic is happening. That’s also why we must show people the victims of abortion. Many of the people driving past Peter Lougheed drive past in oblivion. They don’t know what happens in that monstrous brick building. How will they be confronted with the reality of abortion? I remember a talk I heard from Jonathon years back where he said that if Canadians had to walk out their door each morning and go past all the corpses of the broken babies killed the day before, they’d be doing something about it.

Fellow Canadians, is abortion real to you? Where’s the closest abortion clinic or hospital to your home? How many abortions do they do there? Have you looked at the face of a baby killed in an abortion? Have you studied her fingers and toes, beautifully formed yet on the ends of arms which have been torn off her body?

And now ask yourself this: what are you going to do about it?

14 thoughts on “They do abortions near our house

    • Blaise Alleyne says:

      Do you believe in human rights? Shouldn’t we do something if human beings are being denied their human rights?

  1. Stay out of Ontario says:

    What a terrible tragedy that the only hospital assisting mothers that needs an abortion completed are only done in one hospital. That’s the biggest tragedy of this story by far.

  2. Taylor says:

    It’s not your body. Who gives a single damn? Those FETUSES are not living breathing humans. I think you should maybe refocus your energy on all the existing children who are being treated like garbage daily. I will never regret my decision to get an abortion, my child would have had a horrible life— and I would’ve as well. I hope you figure your priorities out soon!

  3. Bailey says:

    I’m disgusted that this was written. Mind your own fucking business. Women should be able to freely have an abortion at any hospital and be able to do so with complete privacy. Stop trying to tell people what they can and can’t do with their own body’s.

  4. Jesus lover says:

    Then move. Leave Canada. Heck leave earth. What women do with their bodies is none of your business. I wish there were more hospitals in Calgary that offered abortion services.

    • Keturah Dumaine says:

      I agree that women do and should have control over their own bodies. Would you also agree that that choice is not limitless? For example, would a woman have a right to use her body to hit someone else?

      • Jesus Loves Everyone says:

        In your example, her body is affecting someone else. This is incomparable to what a woman chooses to do within her own body, which affects no one else’s body or health but her own. Why do you think you get a say in what someone else does to their body? Do you get a say if someone gets a tattoo, or piercing? Do you get a say if they receive a transplant or donate organs, or if they have any other medical procedure?

        • Keturah Dumaine says:

          Okay, I see what you’re saying there! It seems like we agree that choices aren’t limitless if the choice that is being made is harming someone else, but people can choose to do whatever they want with their own bodies. Am I reading you correctly?
          If we can agree there, then I think the real disagreement we have is not about women doing what they want with their own bodies, (we agree there) but rather if abortion only affects the woman’s body or not. You don’t think that abortion harms a human being, (if I’m still reading you right) and I do think that abortion harms a human being. When do you think a pre-born child becomes a human being with rights?

  5. Easter says:

    You should know this clinic doesn’t just perform voluntary abortions but assists people with spontaneous abortions (miscarriages). These doctors have expertise that help people go on to live healthy lives after pregnancy loss or termination. This an extremely personal journey and one that is between individuals and their doctors, it’s not for you to know or judge. If a person has cancer they deserve treatment. If a person does not want to be pregnant for any reason, or if they lose their pregnancy, these professionals are there to provide treatment. Mind your own business and allow people to receive the medical assistance that everyone is entitled to. We are lucky to have a facility like this in our city.

    • Keturah Dumaine says:

      I’m glad that this clinic assists people with miscarriages – I agree with you that that is a very valuable and necessary service to provide! I think that if someone has a medical condition that needs treatment, they should definitely get it, as you mentioned with your example of cancer. I think the question here is, what is pregnancy? Is it a disease that needs to be treated? If it was, then it seems like we should terminate all pregnancies.
      I think it is terrible that anyone would be pregnant when they don’t want to be, of course every child should be loved and wanted. However, just as we would never consider killing a born child because she isn’t wanted, why would we kill a pre-born child for the same reason?

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