While COVID-19 has put most of our outreach projects (except for the Truth Truck) on hold for safety reasons, abortion is not cancelled — and getting involved with efforts to make abortion unthinkable and end the killing are more important now than ever.

Our team has been incredibly active in training and mobilizing pro-lifers during the pandemic, so that we can continue to educate the public through social media, and so that we can educate pro-lifers to be even more effective at changing hearts and minds. Through social media outreach now, we can continue to change the culture. And through online education, we can prepare pro-lifers to be ready to return with even more energy when it’s safe to resume outreach.

Here are 7 ways to get involved in the movement to fight against abortion during the pandemic:

1. Read the books!

CCBR has published several books on pro-life strategy and apologetics, and now is a great time to read them if you haven’t already! Learn how to how effective conversations about abortion and assisted suicide, why seeing the victims of abortion changes hearts and minds, and the background on how we came to this cultural moment.

If you’re just getting started, take a look at STUCK (apologetics) and Seeing is Believing (strategy).

2. Take CCBR’s Video Study Series

While many Christians understand the grave injustice that abortion is, they do not feel prepared to defend their position in today’s hostile culture. CCBR has created a video study seris to aid pro-life Christians by providing them with an accurate historic, scientific, and Biblical understanding of abortion.

This series is designed to run over five weeks, meeting once a week. Sessions begin with a 30 min educational video by one of CCBR’s speakers and continue with small group discussions guided by provided facilitator and participant guides.

Register now for the study series at special rates during the pandemic!

3. Join Our Webinars

We’re running several webinars every week for activists through the Toronto Against Abortion project, ranging from introductory topics on apologetics, heart apologetics and strategy to advanced topics diving deep into the pro-life movement and the abortion issue. Join our community online and get equipped to be an even more effective ambassador for pre-born human rights!

We’ll also be offering weekly group discussions so that people have a chance to practice mock dialogue and get feedback from our team members.

Sign up for webinars

4. Live Streams

Follow CCBR on Facebook to stay up to date special live stream broadcasts on a variety of topics related to abortion in Canada and how to effective engage our culture.

Here are some recent examples:

5. One-on-one Training

Are you looking for training on how to defend the pro-life position in conversation? In addition to the book, live streams, webinars, and our pro-life classroom we can also schedule a one-on-one training session with a staff member to teach you have to have effective conversations. Fill out our volunteer application form and we’ll be in touch!

6. Guest Speaker

While many churches and other groups cannot meet in person at the moment, groups are still meeting virtually. CCBR speakers are available to speak at virtual gatherings (bonus: no travel expenses!). Contact CCBR if you’d like to book a speak for your online event.

7. Social Media Outreach

Once you’ve got the training, there’s no need to wait to put it into action! While we cannot presently reach out to people in person at the moment, we can still change hearts and minds on social media. Follow CCBR on social media, and check out our blog posts and live streams about social media discussions to get more tips on how to effectively share the truth about abortion on social media.

3 thoughts on “7 ways to get involved with the pro-life movement during the pandemic

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  2. J says:

    Thanks for letting the 90% of us [Pro-choice] that you pro-lifers are still out there not caring about the rights of women. What gives you or anyone else the right to choose for anyone?
    Nobody needs the spawn of a rapist, or a physically or severely mentally disabled child that will suffer disproportionately to the rest of their peers and be a burden to the system. What gives you the right to decide who does or doesn’t suffer? I think you need to find a new direction my friend. The reason there are 90,000 abortions in Canada is the government has abandoned a large part of society they deem ‘unworthy’. Instead of trying to prevent unnecessary and careless pregnancies, they allow lawless abortions.
    Cheaper to abort than to support, right?
    Why not supply birth control free and available to anyone? Pressure to chemically castrate severe sexual offenders. Pressure to open mental facilities for the thousands of street people in Canada? Instead of being on the losing end of the battle why not have the same goal of avoiding abortions by preventing the conception in the first place and there are a hell of a lot more productive ways to do that than mailing disturbing pictures and misinformation across the country traumatizing millions.

    • Blaise Alleyne says:

      Hi J, do you believe in human rights? All we’re saying is that human rights should be for all humans, not just some of us, and human rights should start when the human being starts – which we know from science is at fertilization. Sure, it would be cheaper to kill people than to support them, but is that ethical?

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