As social distancing restrictions begin lifting in parts of the country, many of us are eager to return to work, church, family vacations, and overall life as normal. Tragically, a “normal” day in Canada includes the destruction of 300 pre-born children. And while we’ve been confined to our homes, unable to engage in CCBR’s activism projects, children are still being killed, and will likely be killed in even greater numbers as so many people face financial hardship and uncertainty.

Abortion shouldn’t be part of our “new normal.” Fortunately, the CCBR team, including the Community Support Internship I’m part of this summer, has been working hard to educate and mobilize pro-lifers so we can hit the streets in greater numbers once we’re able to return to activism. Here are five ways you can join us as we wait for the lockdowns to end:


If you’re willing to take a stand for pre-born children, will you pledge to participate in at least one activism project with us after the COVID-19 lockdown? Whether you plan to come out to a “Choice” Chain or spend an hour delivering postcards, click here to join the growing list of Canadians dedicated to showing the truth about abortion. 


If you’re willing to share your commitment with the world, send us a video of your pledge! We’ll compile a video reel of people committed to exposing abortion, to inspire pro-lifers across the country and show the world that the pro-life movement is going strong. Want to add your voice to our montage of pro-life heros? Follow these steps:

  • Use your phone camera, webcam, or other camera
  • Make sure you’re filming in landscape mode (no vertical videos, please!) and the camera is steady
  • Tell us your pledge! It can be as simple as, “My name is Olivia and I pledge to participate in a pro-life activism project when the lockdown ends.”
  • Go to and send your file to!


Never done pro-life activism before? No worries! During the pandemic, CCBR is offering its five-part video series featuring world-class pro-life speakers online. Participants are joined with small groups that meet either once a week for five weeks, or once a day for five days. A CCBR team member will lead each session and walk the group through videos on topics ranging from the history of abortion in Canada to how to compellingly and compassionately engage in conversation about the issue, followed by time for group discussion. After you’ve completed the series, one of my fellow Community Support Interns or I will be in touch with you to discuss your continued involvement in the pro-life movement. 

Register now for a special pay-what-you-can rate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


If you’ve volunteered with CCBR or a local Against Abortion group in the past, but feel like you need a refresher before you’re ready to go on the streets again, give us a shout at We’ll run through CCBR’s staple pro-life apologetics with you, spending as much or as little time as you need to make you sharp in our simple arguments for defending the pre-born.


If you’ve been through one of our Apologetics 101 sessions or completed the video series and you want to sharpen your dialogue skills, join us for mock dialogue sessions! We’re hosting open-house style conference calls twice a week for a safe place to ask questions and practice conversational tools. Email us at for more info!

Whether you’re a veteran in the pro-life movement or brand new to it, we’d love to stand side-by-side with you when we return to activism. Together, we can end the killing in Canada.

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