Every day, pro-life Canadians must struggle with the fact that 300 precious pre-born children will be shredded by suction machines and forceps across the country. The abortion issue seems so monstrous that at times we may end up feeling helpless. For some of us, we struggle with wondering what we can do, and if we can actually make a difference to those around us. We may not have a lot of time or resources to share, and so we resign ourselves to the idea that the pro-life movement has no place for us.

The thing is, there are a lot of people who feel that way, and if every person tried to give a little, a lot could be accomplished. We have a responsibility to do what we can, and while you may feel that there really isn’t anything that you can do, we’re here to tell you that whether you’re a high-school student or a retiree, there is room for everyone in the pro-life movement.

We live in an urgent situation. Time is not something that Canadian pre-born children have, and as we tell ourselves that there is nothing we can do, the most vulnerable members of our society have their lives violently ended behind sterile clinic doors. Ask yourself: Do I truly have nothing to give? Maybe you have one hour a week. Maybe you can afford twenty-five dollars a month. If everyone gives what they can, change will happen. 

It’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed, and so we’re here to help. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be publishing some easy practical tips on how we can all join together to end the killing in Canada.


1. Join your university’s pro-life club

2. Join your local community activism group

3. Spreading “Choice” cards

4. Take part in the Abortion Awareness Project

5. The gift of giving

6. Educate yourself

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