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Stephanie's Speaking Schedule: Week of November 23, 2009

Wed. Nov. 25: "Echoes of the Holocaust," a comparative look at abortion and historical atrocities, 11:45am @ SFU, SSCB 9200

Thurs. Nov. 26: Pro-life apologetics, 12pm to grade 12 class, Chilliwack, BC [closed event]

Thurs. Nov. 26: "Echoes of the Holocaust," a comparative look at abortion and historical atrocities, 6pm @ UBC, Woodward #4 (2194 Health Sciences Mall)

Fri. Nov. 27: Basic pro-life apologetics, 10:45am to grade 7 class, Vancouver, BC [closed event]

Administrator Job Opening at CCBR

Are you interested in applying for this Calgary-based position (details below)? Potential applicants are requested to send their resume and cover letter to CCBR via electronic submission. Please send these to as PDF attachments only; no Word attachments or HTML-formatted e-mail, please. Only those selected for the next step in the application process will be contacted.

Position Title: Administrator

Skills and Disposition Required:
• You are personable and have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

The Right to Offend

By Jojo Ruba

A Warning to Pro-lifers, Ad in the BC Catholic Week of October 12, 2009

Three separate perspectives, with problematic ideas about pro-life strategy, have been promoted in recent weeks. The first was a National Post article by Barbara Kay in which she called the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), which visually compares abortion to the Holocaust, the “worst” use of the pro-life movement’s time and resources and called for a shift in pro-life messaging to bridge to people like her.

RCC Director Responds to E-mail about Child Having Nightmares from Seeing Truck

Recently, a woman wrote us this e-mail: "I am writing concerning your truck advertisements. I realize you are trying to make a point but the graphic nature of it has upset my little girl so much she is having nightmares. She has been struggling with this since seeing the truck last week. Did your organization take into consideration that young ones can see the images as well as the rest of the world? I would really like a response and maybe a suggestion as to how to help my daughter sleep at nights now with those images in her head!"

Stephanie's Upcoming Speaking Schedule: Week of October 19

October 19, 11am-12pm Mountain time: Live interview on The Miracle Channel (Insight with Paul Arthur)
October 21, 3:30pm-5:30pm: Abortion debate at UVIC, David Strong Building room C103, Victoria, BC
October 22, 7pm: Pro-life talk at Trinity Catholic Church, Nanaimo, BC
October 23, 6:30-9:30: Youth presentation plus pizza and praise and worship, Living Word Reformed Episcopal Church (4778 North Island Hwy), Courtenay BC


A controversial pro-life presentation currently happening at McGill university (in Leacock 232) has been interrupted by a mob of protesters chanting and singing. The presenter, Jojo Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, has been unable to present due to the interruption. The police have been called to the scene.

More news will be released as the situation develops.

For more information, call Stephanie Gray, executive director, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform: 403-200-0777 (c).

A Kidney versus the Uterus, in Ethics and Medics, OCTOBER 2009 VOLUME 34, NUMBER 10

Earlier this year, at the University of Ottawa, I ­debated with a philosophy professor about abortion. Most of the people I debate with deny the personhood of the ­unborn on the basis of the unborn’s inability to function in ­certain ways. The professor, however, argued that even if the ­unborn are full members of the moral community, as adults are, abortion is ­permissible because pregnancy ­involves an extraordinary act on behalf of the mother.

Press Release: Abortion Event Censured by Students’ Society of McGill University


For Immediate Release

October 5th, 2009

Abortion Event Censured by Students’ Society of McGill University
Student Union Threatens Club with Defunding for Hosting Event

A controversial pro-life presentation will continue tomorrow at McGill University, despite the student union’s attempt to censor it.

Abortion Protest in England Changes Girl's Mind

We just received this report from our UK CBR associate about their recent graphic abortion protest in England:

"We had only set the banners up for a short time but in that time many many people saw what abortion did to a baby. This was the feedback from one of our helpers:

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