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Colombia Opens First Abortion Clinic

by Francisco Gomez

During my first years in Canada, in high school and later university, I realized the need to stand up and speak for pre-born children. I was born and raised in Colombia where abortion was hardly a topic of discussion and to be pro-life was common sense. Upon my discovery that Canada has no law on abortion, effectively making it open-season on pre-born children, paid for with our tax dollars, I was in complete disbelief. How could an entire nation be OK with murdering pre-born babies? This unbelievable state of affairs is the reason I joined the movement.

My Nephew Kaleb: Putting a Human Face to Canada's National Shame

by Sarah Kuntz

There’s something so indescribably heartrending about holding a lifeless baby, and even now I cannot begin to wrap my mind around how I felt after being handed the tiny body of my nephew Kaleb. He was swaddled up tightly in a blue knitted blanket and as I cradled him I naturally began to rock him slowly back and forth. He was so still, so heavy, and, “Oh God, he’s supposed to be breathing. Why isn’t he breathing?”

Timea Nagy: No Longer A Victim

By Alanna Gomez

Struggling to pay her rent in Hungary, a short term nanny gig or cleaning job in Canada seemed to Timea Nagy like the best quick fix to her financial struggles. Timea, at nineteen years old, arranged her flight overseas with a job agency. She was filled with excitement on the plane, and the concerned questioning from the elderly lady sitting next to her didn’t dampen her hopes for the future. The agency promised to meet her at the airport in Toronto and bring her to her accommodations, but they had been vague about the details.

A Letter of Encouragement to the Weary Pro-Lifer

by Jonathon Van Maren

With the question of abortion, the attitude active pro-lifers often face in the church is one of apathy. This apathy, as many pro-lifers have found, is often due to the fact that most Christians believe abortion is here to stay. When approached with requests for volunteer hours, or donations, or various other proposals for action, the general attitude is that yes, abortion is wrong, and yes, it’s horrible, but it has been around for decades, the laws are against us, and the numbers of abortion are just too high to make an actual impact.

My Little Sister Was A Person, Too

by Caroline Slingerland

Having worked with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform for a year now and being confronted with the issue of abortion on a daily basis, I was fully aware of the gravity of the situation here in Canada.  However, it was not until a few weeks ago that I realized that the current status quo has serious personal implications for my family.

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Dr. Mitu Khurana: The Defender of Baby Girls

by Alanna Gomez

One of the most remarkable stories shared in the new documentary “It’s a Girl” is that of Dr. Mitu Khurana and her daughters. Their story is shocking and distressing, exposing how the prejudice against female children permeates all levels of Indian society, while also being a testimony to the great love that a mother has for her children and how she can rise above her own fears to protect them.

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