February 2, 2012
On February 22, 1943, a 21-year-old girl named Sophie Scholl was beheaded in Munich, Germany, after being condemned to death by the infamous Nazi “People’s Court.” Her crime? She would not stay silent while her country destroyed human lives and assaulted human dignity.
January 11, 2012
Editor’s NoteOften while engaging people in discussions about abortion, we pro-lifers are presented with the argument that abortion should be permitted in cases where the child will not survive outside the womb. We find this view to be a tragic mischaracterization of the value of human life: Children are not valuable based on how long they are with us, but based on the fact that they are an intrinsically valuable member of the human family. Their lives can touch our lives, and can in their short time with us teach us more than even our friends around us.
January 5, 2012
In a recent CBC interview by Evan Solomon about the re-opening of the abortion debate, abortion advocate Joyce Arthur stated, “There is actually a policy by the Canadian Medical Association [CMA] that… recommends abortion on request up to 20 weeks.” According to the CMA’s Policy on Induced Abortion there is no specific wording stating they “recommend” abortion.  As for “on request,” the policy explicitly says “Induced abortion should not be used as an alternative to contraception.” 
November 30, 2011
For weeks now, national news organizations have been breathlessly covering a handful of abortion advocates referring to themselves as “reproductive freedom fighters” and their fight to bring abortion access to Prince Edward Island. The Guardian, the Globe and MailThe National Post, and the CBC are all eagerly quoting every word uttered by the abortion advocates, excited to finally have protestors on the “pro-choice” side of the issue with things to say.
October 5, 2011
As I type this, I just finished watching Ray Comfort's thought-provoking and popular film "180."  Four reflections are running through my mind, which I hope all people who wish to EndtheKilling will take to heart:
September 23, 2011
The powerful story of 30-year-old Pamela Cook is circulating around the internet: When she was 16 weeks pregnant she was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctors "encouraged" her to terminate the pregnancy (read: kill her child). She didn't, and her son Zion is the love of her life.
September 23, 2011
On September 14, LifeSiteNews reported that the pro-life organizations Issues4Life Foundation and The Radiance Foundation are organizing a billboard campaign entitled “Fatherhood begins in the Womb.” They say “the campaign is aimed at exposing ‘the culture of abandonment that abortion has created’ by revealing the statistics of fatherlessness, single-parent poverty, and the deterioration of two
September 19, 2011
In May of 2010, the staff and interns of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform were delighted and privileged to have a very special guest: a man named Nick Vujicic. Aside from being a world renowned motivational speaker, possessing a double Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Planning, who meets with leaders from around the world on behalf of his non-profit organization Life Without Limbs, Nick Vujicic has no arms and no legs.
September 13, 2011
One of the most common ways for social movements to judge the success of their tactics is to examine how their opponents react to them. In regards to the abortion debate, strategies to expose the inhumanity of abortion and convey the humanity of the born must also be examined in light of how abortion advocates react to them.
September 12, 2011
On April 13, 2005, 19 year old Katrina Effert secretly gave birth to a baby boy in her parent’s home. She then strangled the child with her underwear, and tossed the corpse over the fence into the yard of one of the neighbours.